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General Discussion / Need more time to test tRAID
« on: April 10, 2017, 03:20:15 pm »

I installed tRAID on a Windows Server 2012R2 to test the software before buying.

The installation went alright and I built the parity drive.

After rebooting the tRAID could be started through the GUI, but the storage pool would not start immediately. Trying again a little later, the storage pool started. The error code was something about possible timing issues.

After another reboot, the tRAID did not start again.

I did not have the time to follow up the errors back then and now the evaluation period has passed.
Can I extend the evaluation period? I have seen the link to the wiki article about license extensions, but my case does not fit into the categories listed there...




not sure whether this is the right area to post this as I am touching a number of topics here...

Anyway, I have a HP Server DL180G6 (in an OEM version) with a Smart Array P812 hardware RAID controller.

I currently run two hardware RAID 6 configs on the server and an attached MAS-60 drive array with 12 2TB drives each.

I use the server as a media server, so write performance is not as important as read performance.

I would like to use a RAID Level 4ish config (like Kaleidescape's proprietary RAID-K), but RAID Level 4 is not supported on the HP controller.

The reason why I would like to use RAID Level 4 is that I want to maximize the storage space in the server alone, so I don't have to use the external drive array. The server has 12 drive bays on the front and with 8TB drives, there should be more than enough capactiy for the time being. Since 8TB server drives don't come cheap, I was considering to buy the Seagate 8TB Archive HDDs for data storage and add a fast 8TB drive for the parity information.

I want to have one big volume spanning over the Archive HDs (two or three for the start, adding more later) and the data protection through the parity drive.

Now the questions...

- Anyone has some experience with a hardware RAID controller with FlexRAID when not using the hardware RAID functionality?
- Anyone uses the combination of Archive HDs w/ a fast parity drive?
- Can you tell tRAID which disk it is supposed to use as the parity drive, so is tRAID more or less RAID level 4? (In the FAQ it sounds like this as only two discs need to spin for tRAID to work...)
- Or would FlexRAID Standards be needed?

I would appreciate your input on this...



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