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General Discussion / Re: Selective Validate/Verify???????
« on: November 02, 2014, 09:10:38 am »

I have to admit that I made an error in saying that the Verify process was also an issue. I stupidly assumed that since my Validate process always fails, my Verify process was likely to do the same. After your last post, I decided to run a Verify last night. I sat and watched the process periodically and at no point did memory usage every climb or do anything odd. Verify completed with all bits matching.

Which brings me back to the issue of not being able to complete a Validate. I've read all of the posts between user Matsutake and you concerning his issues. He has the exact same problem as me. Validate ALWAYS peaks out his memory giving him a Low Memory error and Update & Verify works perfectly, just as mine does.

Being able to complete Updates and Verfiy without being able to do a Validate makes a less than optimal situation for my data pool. I fear at this point that I might have to wipe out my OS and do a complete re-install (what an absolute PITA though....). I really wish I could get this resolved without going to that length. My fear is that at some point, the issue will re-surface.

If I make screenshots of the Validate process, along with logs, of the process in action, will you look at them?


General Discussion / Re: Selective Validate/Verify???????
« on: October 31, 2014, 05:58:58 pm »
If you are having memory issues, first make sure your anti-virus (Windows has one enabled by default) is ignoring FlexRAID's activities.
So, configure you anti-virus to exclude the FlexRAID process.

If that does not resolve the issue, then it is likely that a driver is not release memory. Some users have had that issue in the past. Some resolved it through driver update and others simply did not find any resolution.

I've tried everything I can think of:

1. Windows anti-virus is turned off
2. I've uninstalled my anti-virus (Avast) and tried running Validate & Verify
3. I've shutdown (selectively and all at once) every non-system program and process and run Validate & Verify
4. I've watched Validate & Verify run with RamMap & Process Explorer and can see nothing using excessive memory

The only thing that has worked was waiting until Validate was up to 80% and the Modified memory was on the climb and had reached the point where there was only about 1GB of standby memory remaining and PAUSING the process. Memory usage immediately dropped to around 1.2GB of Main and 75MB of Standby with the rest of the 8GB being Standby. I restarted the process, memory never climbed at all and Validate completed fine. Obviously, it;s not acceptable for me to have to do that with every Validate and Verify.

I am completely stumped....... I really wished I could run Flexraid under safe mode to see how the scans played out....

OK, I was finally able to complete a Validate. I waited until the process was up to 80% and modified memory was waaay up and climbing and I paused the process. Once the process paused, modified memory immediately dropped to almost nothing and even system used memory dropped to around 1.2Gb in use. I let the process continue and i got a complete with no Validate errors or Low Memory errors.

Any ideas? Does this behavior sound like a driver conflict/memory leak issue or just a Flexraid issue?

I realize that most people do not have this issue but a search finds others that have the same problem......


General Discussion / Selective Validate/Verify???????
« on: October 24, 2014, 11:06:58 pm »
I have 6 DRUs in my pool,  drive letters :F though :K. I keep getting a Windows "Low Memory Warning" at 91% on both Validate and Verify.

Is it possible to run a "selective" Validate and or Verify on individual drives or groups of drives in the pool? What would be the process to do that if it's possible?


RAID-F on Windows / Flexraid Validate/Verify Low Memory Warning issues
« on: October 23, 2014, 09:42:13 pm »
I've been fighting with this issue for sometime now.

My system:
mobo: AsRock Z87 Extreme 4
cpu: Haswell i5
memory: 8GB DDR3 1600
OS: Win 7 64bit
Main drive: Samsung EVO 250GB SSD
Hard drives: DRU - 7 x 3TB Samsung, PPU - 1 x 4TB Samsung

First off, I am NO windows guru however, I can usually work through most problems. (If anything, I'm much stupider on PC's since I switched to all Mac years ago)

My Flexraid problem: Updates run fine, no issues. Validate and Verify will not complete and lock the system up. No matter what I do, the problem repeats itself EXACTLY, EVERY DAMN TIME!

Symptom: When I first run a Validate or Verify, everything runs fine (low system memory usage) until somewhere around of the 50 - 55% mark. At that point, modified memory starts replacing standby & free memory as the process runs. Just before either process clicks over to 92% (same point, every single time), modified has taken over almost all of the available memory and then it quickly spikes. Once that happens I get a "Low Memory Warning Error". Flexraids cpu usage spikes up and everything comes to a stand still. One time, i let it run like that for 17 hours and I think it moved to 93% complete, iirc.

I am not the only person with this exact same problem from doing a net search. I have tried everything I can think of. I have tried shutting down every program and process thats running (selectively and all at once) that is not needed and I still get the same issue. I've tried watching the process with RAMMAP and Process Explorer running and don't see anything damning happening to cause this. I can watch the system processes and see that large chunks of data (for example Bluray rips) are being moved to the Modified memory for processing.The issue seems to be caused by Flexraid moving this data to modified memory and then not releasing it after it is done with it.

I've reached the point where it's time to go a different direction if I can't get this solved as I have no way to Verify or Validate the long term health of my files. My preference of course would be to continue with Flexraid.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Questions?

I don't want to have to do a complete re-install and re-rip 650+ Blurays so that is not an option. Right now, I am considering a possible move to SnapRaid + Stablebit Drivepool. Again, I would much, much prefer to get this sorted out.......



Despite trying everything I can, I am still having "low Memory Errors". I can not complete a Validate or Verify without an error and FlexRaid becoming unresponsive.

Here is my info:

Flexraid: 2.0 Final dated 8-16-14 (had the exact same issue with previous versions)
- OS? - Win & Home Pro; fresh install
- 32 bit or 64 bit? - 64bit
- System memory - 8GB
- Free system memory (system memory minus other applications, this info is pretty much the general amount, same as last posted) - Hardware Reserve - 337
                                                                                                                                                                                                  In use - 1392
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Modified - 60
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Standby - 1370
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Free - 5029

- Rate of memory leak:
I first noticed my issue when my pool stopped completing a validate. I've restarted the system and re-run Validate multiple times and always the same. Validate causes all free memory to be displaced by mainly Standby memory and a lower amount of Modified memory. As validate approaches 18% completion point, the Modified memory starts creeping up. Just before the Validate or Verify clicks over to 92% complete, Modified memory rapidly climbs and takes up all available memory other than Hardware Reserve & in-use (which always remains about the same) and I get the Low Memory Error. At that point, Flex will go no further. I have let it sit for up to 17 hours with little or no further progress.

To try and pinpoint the memory leak, I've shutdown ALL running programs until I've run Validate with no processes except for needed processes . I've shutdown AVAST (modified to exclude FlexRaid and the pool drive), removed XFAST LAN & XFAST USB, Asrock XRam so, don't think it's any of those programs/processes causing the leak. Again, the ONLY memory issues I have is with Flexraid Validate and Verify.

This is really starting to get to me as I have tried everything I can think of to pin point the memory issue. Please help!!! What info or access do you need to try and get this sorted out????


I really don't know if this would fix your problem but.....

I also was having issues with SMART data being shown. Other programs could display smart data but Flex wouldn't for me. I played around with mapping points and tried every command variation that I could and nothing worked.

I finally fixed it but it turned out to be a mobo (AsRock Z87 Extreme 4 and has 8 SATA III slots ( 6 Intel and 2 Asmedia SATA ports)) issue. All of my drives were set to AHCI on my mobo bios. Once I changed that setting to RAID, all SMART data was displayed by Flex. Mind you that I did not use any of the built in mobo RAID features, I just changed the setting. Problem for me resolved!


General Discussion / Re: No SMART data issue
« on: June 03, 2014, 10:06:41 am »
OK, got my issue all sorted out (without turning on RAID setting for drives in bios).....

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver (installed but not running) was apparently causing the issues on my box and was not allowing SMART data to pass to Flexraid. No RST, no problems now with SMART data!!


General Discussion / Re: No SMART data issue
« on: May 27, 2014, 03:34:11 pm »

Thanks for the info. I will make the bios change to RAID now that I know it won't cause any issues with Flexraid.

It is really odd though that my friends Flexraid box (identical part for part with mine, identical bios settings) will show the SMART data in Flexraid when mine won't! It's a complete mystery!

Again, Thanks for the reply...


General Discussion / No SMART data issue
« on: May 26, 2014, 07:31:49 pm »
I am having a weird problem with my current Flexraid .12c installation. I am having issues getting Flexraid to show SMART data.

My build: ASROCK Z87 Pro 4 Extreme mobo; 4 Intel SATA III and 2 Asmedia SATA III ports on mobo + 1 Asmedia 2 port SATA III PCI card; 6 3TB Seagate DRU's and 1 4TB Seagate PPU.

I can not get Flexraid to report SMART data (with one exception described below) on any of the on-board SATA ports used for the pool drives. Flexraid will however report the SMART data for the one drive that is plugged into the add-on Asmedia SATA card (uses same driver as on board Asmedia ports) and it will show the SMART data from the OS SSD drive. At first, I thought it was a mobo/drivers issue however, programs such as crystal Disk Info have no problems displaying the data. Also odd is my friend has the EXACT same setup as me and Flexraid displays his SMART data (We have compared bios settings, drivers, etc and our system settings are identical).

The one exception from above is my drive type setting in my bios. If I set my global drive type from SATA to RAID (even though I don't go through setting up the array) in the bios, Flexraid will show the SMART data. However, I really don't want to do this as I'm not sure if this could cause issues with Flexraid.

I have also tried, using info from some threads here and info from the wiki, setting my drive mapping up in Flexraid. When I do so, Flexraid will show some SMART data but it is incomplete (no temp, no stats, etc....). Best I can tell, the entered advanced mapping info is correct.

Honestly, I have played around with this so much it is starting to drive me nuts!

Any ideas?


General Discussion / Re: Screwed up my pool somehow........
« on: May 10, 2014, 11:04:09 am »
Stop the pool, add drive letters to your drives. Check one of your MKVs directly off the source drive. If the file is fine (which I suspect it is), check some others. Maybe you'll find that all of the bad files are on one physical disk. Even if the files really are all corrupt, I can't imagine how FlexRAID could have had anything to do with whatever happened. If all of the files check out, delete your FlexRAID configuration and make a new one.

Tried that already (note: I had run a verify which also identified all of the corrupted files). They are corrupted in or out of pool. Also, the files that are corrupted are randomly scattered across all 6 DRU's in my pool. I can't find anything common about them either like name, size, dates, etc.

I can't find any virus or malware on my OS or Flexraid pool drives. The drives all check out OK, mobo is fine. No windows log errors that point to an issue...... I'm at a loss. Right now, I don't trust my OS install or my Flexraid install which is why I've come to the conclusion to wipe everything out and start over with a fresh install Believe me, I'm not real excited about re-ripping 560 Blu Rays and hundreds of albums....... Sounds like my life is going to be reeeeeal boring for the next month!


General Discussion / Re: Screwed up my pool somehow........
« on: May 07, 2014, 10:51:15 pm »

I think I know what possibly may have caused the issue or maybe, I'm grasping at straws.....

I was out of available SATA ports so I added the 2 port SATA card and everything appeared fine. When I added the new 3TB Seagate drive to the pool, being in a hurry, I forgot to shutdown the pool before adding the DRU/drive. The drive seemed to get added to the pool OK but, the new 3TB worth of space did not show up in the pool. I then stupidly restarted the whole system at which point, upon bootup, Flexraid added the new space to the pool. One day later (Saturday night) is when I noticed the file corruption although, the files could have corrupted on Friday but I never noticed.

Is there a chance that I screwed my pool up by not correctly shutting down the pool before adding the new drive?


General Discussion / Screwed up my pool somehow........
« on: May 07, 2014, 10:43:31 pm »
Well, somehow I hosed my Flexraid server..... Saturday night, finished watching an episode of a TV show (Plex server across Roku), went to watch the next episode and got an error message. Logged on to server and and checked the file and sure enough, corrupted. Checked the next episode in line.... corrupted! Long story short, almost all of my audio (.flac) albums are corrupted and upwards of 60% of my MKV files (movies and TV shows) are corrupted. Using MKVToolnix, it appears that the audio tracks of the .MKV files are gone! They can't be played and can't be fixed (tried a couple of solutions found on the net but nothing worked. All of the file sizes are unchanged.The system passed an update and validate Friday night so I ran a verify Sunday and it failed.

1. At first I thought it was limited to my TV shows only. I use NZBdrone to handle/organize my TV shows. I initially thought that NZBdrone was somehow corrupting the files until I discovered that the issue included movies and music. Oddly, I have hundreds (if not thousands) of digital comics and not a single one was corrupted.....
2. From what I can find, there aren't any viruses that specifically attack MKV files. Malware scans, Anti-virus scans (including boot time scan) all come back clean. Windows Event Viewer doesn't show much that would have anything to do with this issue.
3. All drives in the pool appear healthy. I thought perhaps I had a drive going bad but, the corrupted files are across the whole pool. I did add a new drive and 2 port SATA card to the pool the day before the crash but, everything seemed OK and was working fine.
4. I am sick and at a complete loss......

At this point, I plan on scrubbing the ENTIRE system back to step one. Format the SSD, re-install window & and software, re-run multiple malware/virus scan. Same for all the pool drives (6 x 3TB DRU + 1 x 4TB PPU). I'll then set Flexraid back up. Since I don't trust the files that appear untouched, nor do I feel like going through every MKV on my system to see which ones play, I won't be trying to save any of them. The thought of re-ripping 560 Blu Rays has me soooooo excited!!!!!

My pool has been rock solid for the 5 months I've had it running.... Any thoughts? Ideas on what I should or shouldn't do next time?

General Discussion / Re: FlexRAID Activation Problem after Rebuild
« on: February 17, 2014, 08:23:56 am »

Sorry to jump in on this but Hyjack Joey is my friend and I helped him build his system. He built his first and then we later built mine. I think there is some misunderstanding about his system changes which is why his license request is being denied.

He rebuilt his system because he was having issues (possibly related to winter storm electrical grid spike) so he ordered the same mobo, power supply and OS hard drive drive (Operating system only drive) as me and we rebuilt his system. He is using the same PPU and DRU's from his old build. Again, nothing else has changed except the parts listed above which, is allowed under the Flexraid licensing guidelines as posted in the FAQ.

From the FAQ:

"Upgrading one or two components will usually not affect the activation and you won’t even need a license transfer.
However, users tend to upgrade the Mobo + CPU + RAM at once and effectively the whole computer. Once enough components are replaced, you will need to initiate a transfer, which is free and is just a way to update the information with the activation server.

If you go buy or build a completely new system with a new set of disks, you will need a separate license for it."

I think maybe the disconnect is where he said he replaced his OS drive which may have been misunderstood by someone there as him having replaced all of his Flexraid pool drives, i.e. "new set of disks" which, he most certainly did not do. No drives in his pool were replaced or added on this rebuild.

Hopefully this will get resolved,

Thanks, habe


I seem to have solved my memory problem. It does not appear that any programs or OS processes were involved and instead, it was apparently caused by my motherboard bios settings and/or chipset behavior.

I was resolved to scrub my OS drive and do a complete re-install after trying everything I could think of to plug the memory issue. My Flexraid system mobo is an AsRock Z87 Extreme 4 and has 8 SATA III slots ( 6 Intel and 2 Asmedia SATA ports). I decided to check some things one last time and noticed that I was getting no HD SMART data under Flexraid "Drive Testing, Info and S.M.A.R.T (Health)". After doing some research, I read on the internet that the drive type has to be set to RAID instead of AHCI in the bios or some applications will not receive SMART data on this mobo. After making the change (I also moved the OS SSD off of an Intel port and onto an Asmedia port because the OS wouldn't load under a RAID bios setting. note: the Asmedia ports use their own settings...), I immediately was able to see SMART data in Flexraid. I started a Validate, watched it go past 50% while watching System Monitor for memory usage and the "Modified Memory" never climbed at all. Validate complete perfectly.

What changing that bios setting so that I could see SMART data in Flexraid has to do with a memory issue is beyond me but, problem solved. Perhaps this is an issue with the mobo, chipset or Intel SATA controller.... IDK


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