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General Discussion / Does tRAID work with Ubuntu 18.04, Bionic?
« on: May 13, 2018, 11:59:36 am »
I thought I'd try with 18.04 using the minimal install.
The install script does not complete owning to a missing  sysv-rc-conf
Nevertheless, it is possible to start the traid service and it runs.
However, when adding a Host to manage in the web portal, it has a ! triangle in the icon, so somethings not working.

If answer is no, when will 18.04 be supported

I guess I can partially answer my own question...
- it didn't ask me to get a trial license
- "udisks" is now "udisks2", with the command "/usr/bin/udisksctl", so script fails

With a version which seems to be dated about Nov 2017, and no mention of a 18.04 version, I wonder whether this software is being actively developed any more?

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