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i saw similar function in an other (free) raid engine and all the info is at hand (casue the update has to collect these informations).

so it'd be cool, to have the next listing in the WebUI (after executing an "get information" over the raid):
1) list of deleted files
2) list of new files
3) list of modified files
4) list of previously protedted files, that now are non-protected (due to a deletion)

maybe this globay functionality over the entire raid could be:
appliable on a single folder - thus getting details over a certain part of the raid

RAID-F Bug Reports / Parity creation problem - FlexRAID-2.0-Public-Beta14
« on: January 24, 2012, 09:33:14 am »
Using 3x 2TB disks with data (DRU)
And using 2x 1TB disks as PPU (for parity)
T1+ Raid is set

I've estimeated a cca. 10 hour work with all of the stuff.
I've also tried at the beginning a start-stop (abort) and then a continue process - but it failed.

So i've deleted everything (also config) - created a new one and started a clena parity creation.
The parity creation stopped after a cca. 5 hour, without error messages and after it i've had again the button CREATE instead of UPDATE.

While creating parity windows notifyed me about low space on Y drive. But after parity creation finished, on disk Y i've only got cca. 500MB of parity data, disk Z was empty (except meta.flx file).

On my data-disk there are 1,2-1,4GB of data (on each - but it should not matter). Each data disk is in a separate DRU (the main directory is added to the DRU)

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