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Real-Time RAID / RT users, does 12c work for you?
« on: June 23, 2014, 11:10:20 pm »
Since day one, both 12b and 12c have not worked for me.  The moment I try to copy something into the pool I get windows error:

Cant read from source file or disk

And the FlexRAID.sys.c1-1.log shows error:

[OnSetEndOfFile] Denying truncate on allocation for non-writable handle!

Other users have reported the same issue:,3548.0.html,3687.0.html

This problem only exists with the last 2 updates, when i roll back to version 12, everything works fine.

So, does anyone have 12(b or c) working on RT?

News and Updates / Suggestion = Link to wiki at top of page
« on: July 04, 2013, 08:49:48 am »
Brahim, I couldn't find an appropriate place for suggestions for the forum, so I put this here.

We spend a fair bit of time telling new users to go read the wiki, and there are a fair number of really basic posts by new users that could be avoided quite easily.

I think if we had a link at the top of every page in big letters saying something like: "Please read the wiki before posting  ;)"  and actually link to the wiki (there is no actual link to the wiki, just to the main Flexraid page)  it would cut down these type of posts quite a lot.  Many new users are unaware that the wiki even exists.

Thanks for all the hard work Brahim.

Real-Time RAID / Any reason not to use Raid 1 for RT PPU?
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:21:39 pm »
So for the last few months my setup has been 10x2TB DRU and 1x2TB PPU.  I need more space and am starting to replace 2TB drives with 3TB drives, obviously starting with the PPU.

I recently installed an LSI-based 8-port adapter (perc H310), which has allowed me to retire a couple older add-in controllers and has freed up an onboard 2-port controller capable of Raid 1.

My thought is, why not mirror 2 identical 3TB drives and use this for my PPU?  This would obviously be to get around RT's limitation of 1 PPU.

I thought I remembered this being discussed many months ago, but after an exhaustive search I can find no mention anywhere for this idea.  This surprises me since, from what I have seen, the limit of 1 PPU for RT is one of the biggest reasons for users opting for Snapshot.

So has anyone tried this?  Is there any obvious downside I am missing?

Since the Flexraid forums are meant to be self-supporting I believe it is important to give advanced every opportunity to share their knowledge with others.  At the moment this can be a bit disorganized.  The Forums are mostly filled with new users asking for help (which is fine), it would be nice to have a separate section where users can create threads containing helpful tips for other users.  The way things are now, such information quickly gets buried and forgotten by most.

I was thinking to start out maybe trying 2 new sections:

Tips & Tricks - A place for users to post helpful information, guides, information about software they've found works well with Flexraid, etc

A user scripts section - Where users can share information on writing scripts, post their scripts for others to try, etc.

I'm sure that there are some great people out there who would gladly share some of their expertise, if only they were encouraged a bit and were given a place to share it where it won't immediately get lost and forgotten.

General Discussion / Need advice on UPS purchase and configuration
« on: November 01, 2012, 09:15:09 am »
I'm an RT user, and most of the problems I've faced have been due to improper shutdown (a couple power outages and circuit breaker issues).  So I've decided to protect my array with a UPS.  I have no experience with them so I am looking for a little guidance.

I need a unit that will keep me running long enough to complete any file transfers that may be underway (utorrent might be moving a 15GB file onto the array from my temp drive when the power goes out).  Then it would need time to properly shut down the pool, after which Windows(7) could shut down.   As a margin for error, I would think 10 minutes or more would be nice to have.

The system in question is an AMD Phenom II 4-core, with an HD4850 graphics card, 12 hard drives and 6 fans. I was thinking one of the 1500VA models like:

So any tips on what hardware or features to look for or avoid would be greatly appreciated. What type of sine wave do I want (does it matter?).  Also, I'm wondering how the shutdown is triggered, and will I be able to properly close the Flexraid pool before telling windows to shut down?  Obviously if I can't do that then it defeats the whole purpose of the UPS.

RAID-F Bug Reports / Old drive letters still persist in Ctrl Panel gui
« on: October 06, 2012, 08:58:35 pm »
I got rid of all drive letters over a month ago, and mounted all drives in folders.  This works great except in the "Drive testing, Info, and S.M.A.R.T.(health)" section of the ctrl panel.  When I use the dropdown menu to select a drive I get old drive letters and names that I haven't used in a while, and have no way of telling which drive I'm selecting.

All my DRU drives are identical, and are named DRU01, DRU02 etc, and are mounted to folders with the same names.  Due to some problems and a PPU swap I've actually deleted my config twice since I had those old drive letters, and prob uninstalled/reinstalled twice as well due to updates.  So it baffles me how it could still have those old drive letters and names just in that one section.

Real-Time RAID / RT users: does "reconcile" work for you?
« on: October 01, 2012, 08:01:14 pm »
I would like to hear from other RT users about their experiences with this command. 

For various reasons including some initial hardware problems, a couple circuit breaker issues, a couple FR crashes, etc, I have been asked to perform the "reconcile" task at least a dozen times over the last couple months.  Not once has it ever been successful.  Every time it is over I have "Uncommitted pending deletes detected: please run the Forced Synch Verify task!" in my log, even if I have done no deletes in the past hours, or even all day.

Now reconciliation can take a while, after which comes the 10-hour "Forced Synch Verify".  Since "reconcile" ALWAYS fails, I wish I could just run "Forced Synch Verify" right away, but the system insists on me running "reconcile" first.  This gets to be frustrating after repeating it enough times.

I'm curious to know of other RT users' experiences.  Does "reconcile" work for you?  Or is it just me with the problem?

General Discussion / Verification question wrong
« on: September 24, 2012, 03:33:02 pm »
This is a small issue, but an annoying one     :o

One of the verification questions that we have to answer before we can post is 3500 plus 500. The system will not accept 4000 as the answer.  I seem to get this one all the time and then cannot continue.

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