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I am a bit frustrated at the current licensing system.

I had originally re-installed to do a drive failure. I have been having nothing but problems trying to get a working version because of licensing issues.

It will never find the existing key file no matter what i do so i see little use in emailing the information. Im sure its  just me but it always tells me the file does not exist. either in the log or in a pop up message.

I had reactivated at one point  and was able to perform an update.  Alas as soon as my system restarted (I think) the product was no longer activated. I get this message: "License Exception: Is the feature you are trying to use licensed?"

I also noticed the version info was no longer in the upper right portion go the screen. That seems to return the first time i reactivated the software.

Im not sure if i missed something on where a file must be or something who knows...any help would be greatly appreciated


Storage Pooling / auto folder priority/ storage pool, auto balancing?
« on: January 26, 2012, 10:28:32 am »
I just noticed that Flexraid duplicated my movie folders and moved info(jpg, tbn, etc inside those folders to a mostly full drive, I have not touched the folders in question, Does it balance automatically? The date of creation seems to be when i upgraded and recreated the pool.

RAID-F on Windows / Another XBMC Flexraid Issue
« on: January 26, 2012, 09:18:49 am »
 I just installed XBMC on a Netbook with Nvidia ION Atom dual core CPU 10/100 NIC, Windows 7.

I previously posted about XBMC DVDplayery having problems with flexraid storage pool and DVD rips on all of my machines currently 3. This has never been resolved and am unaware of why.

Im having problems with the storage pool and Blu ray rips on my new install on the netbook. Streaming form the storage pool is fine with every player except the DVD player in XBMC (TMT3,TMT5,MPC-HC, VLC). With XBMC DVD player The movie will start to play for a few seconds, then it says "buffering" and the network drops to a crawl on the monitor(task Manger).

If I share the HDD outside the pool everything plays as it should.

RAID-F on Windows / password for Google voice (sms) and email not hidden
« on: November 14, 2011, 10:28:55 pm »
I just noticed setting up alerts in the settings that the passwords for email and the Google voice are not hidden.

Is there a change for this in the next version?

RAID-F on Windows / XBMC ?? for storage pool
« on: November 10, 2011, 12:36:16 pm »
When I got my storage pool working I re mapped my drives to the pool.

Im having a strange problem. XBMC library wont play dvd rips from pool. If i remap the drive directly (out of the Pool) it plays fine. It seems to be only with dvd rips and XBMC Library mode. In file mode i can drill down to the .ts.ifo and play it as well.

I have posted in the XBMC forum as well. just wondering if anyone had some other thoughts.

One more thing, my bluray and MKV files play fine with XBMC library and the pool.

RAID-F on Windows / Trouble setting up Permissions on WHS box
« on: October 28, 2011, 08:52:51 am »
I have taken my DRUs out of the WHS pool (due to the pain of restoring to the pool). I have just started using the storage pool (Love it). Im having problems getting any of the shares to show up and have access from the rest of my machines.

I can share them and set permissions in windows for the individual drives without a problem. I have looked through the wiki and the rest of the postsa here and have followed the instructions the best I can  but i may be missing something. I have also tried everything multiple times to see if it sticks

1. Created the pool and I can see it on the local machine.
2. Shared the root drive (x) and the folders in windows and set permissions. Is this required?
3. Followed the wikis and posts and entered this text in the " Shares to Reconnect on startup" window.
Code: [Select]
FlexRaid (X)=x:\ /GRANT:Me,FULL
TV Series=X:\TV Series /GRANT:Me,FULL
4. Set the AutoStart Delay to automaticly start the storage pool.
5. Save the config
6. Manually restart the flexraid service.

If I dont restart the PC i can see the shares on the network, I cant access them however. If i restart the PC the shares dont come back.

What am I missing??

RAID-F on Windows / HELP errors on restore!!
« on: October 22, 2011, 08:14:42 pm »
I am getting errors on restore and desperately need some help!

Code: [Select]
[2011-10-22 17:29:31,609] INFO : Executing restore...
[2011-10-22 17:29:31,625] INFO : [restore] started at: Sat Oct 22 17:29:31 PDT 2011
[2011-10-22 17:29:31,843] INFO : Using RAID engine T1+
[2011-10-22 17:29:31,843] INFO : Preparing to restore DRU7
[2011-10-22 17:29:31,843] INFO : => r:\
[2011-10-22 17:29:31,843] WARN : Full pre-validation on restore has been disabled! - No attempt to recover from data rot will be made...
[2011-10-22 17:29:35,593] WARN : Changed: C:\fs\1P\DE\shares\HD Movies\Bridesmaids (2011)\folder.jpg
[2011-10-22 17:29:35,593] ERROR:
at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Void.<unknown>(Unknown Source)
[2011-10-22 17:29:35,734] WARN : Changed: C:\fs\1J\DE\shares\HD Movies\Bridesmaids (2011)\BDMV\STREAM\movie.tbn
[2011-10-22 17:29:35,750] INFO : [restore] completed at: Sat Oct 22 17:29:35 PDT 2011

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