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RAID-F on Linux / Can't access pooled storage on Linux
« on: July 08, 2018, 06:23:27 am »
Hi All

I've been using FlexRAID-f for a while. Today, I thought it's time to upgrade and rebuild the underlying server in general. I installed the software and noticed that pooled storage is not accessible by other users, other than root.

For example, this is what I see when I 'ls' the pool.

Code: [Select]
➜  /mnt pwd
➜  /mnt whoami
➜  /mnt ls -al
ls: cannot access 'data_pool': Permission denied
total 92
drwxr-xr-x  8 root root    4096 Jul  8 08:05 .
drwxr-xr-x 23 root root    4096 Jul  7 06:36 ..
d?????????  ? ?    ?          ?            ? data_pool

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and 2.1 [Snapshot 1.1 / Storage Pool 2.0] [2017.11.21].
Currently on evaluation copy, until I get everything working.

Ultimately, I would like 'nas' user to be able to read and write to 'data_pool'. As a 'root' user everything works fine.

I also tried tinkering with '/opt/raidf/host/ext/mount-extra-params.txt' file and added 'allow_other'

Code: [Select]
*=-o allow_other,rw,nosuid,nodev
However, at this stage I am just throwing arrows in the dark here, any help would be fantastic.


Hi All

I am getting a consistent issue with files that have special characters in their filenames.

Running FlexRAID on Ubuntu 14.04.

For example, if I create a file with anything but standard keyboard characters in its filename, e.g. $touch 'test_char_²'  (subscript number 2 on the end of the filename) storage pool cannot access the file. However, if I stop the storage pool and try to access the file from an individual disk, it works just fine.


root@nas:/data_pool# touch test_char_²
touch: setting times of ‘test_char_²’: No such file or directory

root@nas:/data_pool# ls -alh
ls: cannot access test_char_²: No such file or directory
total 44K
drwxr-xr-x 12 root     root     4.0K Jul  7 23:02 .
drwxr-xr-x 25 root     root     4.0K Jun 29 00:55 ..
drwxr-xr-x  5 root     root     4.0K Mar  6 01:42 other
drwxr-xr-x 10 root     root     4.0K Jul  3 19:57 Photography
drwxr-xr-x 63 root     root     4.0K Jul  3 20:01 Photos
-?????????  ? ?        ?           ?            ? test_char_²      #all '?' - apologies for emoticons
root@nas:/data_pool# ll te*
ls: cannot access test_char_²: No such file or directory
root@nas:/data_pool# rm test_char_²
rm: cannot remove ‘test_char_²’: No such file or directory
root@nas:/data_pool# ls test_char_²
ls: cannot access test_char_²: No such file or directory
root@nas:/data_pool# ls -li test_char_²
ls: cannot access test_char_²: No such file or directory

Note that the 'test_char_²' file cannot be accessed, stat. etc. Nothing. But, once the pool is stopped, file can be deleted, or edited/updated when working on the individual disk directly.

I've been having a lot of this issues, copying files from HFS to storage pool, running on top of EXT4. Specifically, music with weird charecters in its name - non-English titles, subscript, etc.

Also if it helps:

root@nas:/data_pool# set|grep -i lang

### LOG segment...

--------------- Storage Pool Start ---------------
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76330][3799509824][Mounting Storage Pool]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76338][3799509824][VM already acquired...]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76345][3799509824][Setting handler...]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76355][3799509824][Initializing IDs...]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76362][3799509824][InitCommonIDs]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76396][3799509824][InitCommonIDs] Done
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76405][3799509824][InitOSIDs]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76437][3799509824][InitOSIDs] Done
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76444][3799509824][Reading live options...]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76460][3799509824][Reading user options...]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76467][3799509824][Building options...]
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76475][3799509824]Mounting using /data_pool
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76484][3799509824]Using program name FlexRAIDFS
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76492][3799509824]Granting storage pool access to all other users...
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76498][3799509824]Running in single threaded mode...
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76505][3799509824]Enabling large writes...
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.76520][3799509824]Calling main
[2014-7-7 22:54:44.80557][3799509824][on_init]: major=7, minor=22, want=50, capable=4091, async_read=1, max_readahead=131072, max_write=131072
[2014-7-7 23:2:31.54104][3799509824]      [on_utimens]: errorMsg=No such file or directory for path=/test_char_²

Any help would be greatly appreciated here.


Hi All

TL;DR Expression script not sending email on success or failure of external executable (on Ubuntu 14.04)

I'm tinkering with expression scripts, to automate some tasks on pre/post validation/verification. Issue: i am not receiving any emails, regardless of success or failure.

Notifications (E-mail & SMS) are configured and working. The 'verify' button sends correct emails to recipient and CC.

Flex expression executes the shell script, as expected. Script below:

Code: [Select]
echo "pre script executed" >> /tmp/pre-quick-validate.txt
/bin/date >> /tmp/pre-quick-validate.txt
echo "Failure test."
exit 2

The rest of the expression script runs partially. Expression script below:

Code: [Select]
@execute /opt/FlexRAID-2.0/user_scripts/
@error @email "ERROR: ouch."
@success @email "SUCCESS: yay."
@success @run @user-quick-validate

On success (e.g. returning 0, `exit 0`, not shown here):
When the shell script exits successfully, e.g. "exit 0", the first '@success' expression - email is never sent. Second '@success' expression, '@user-quick-validate' runs fine (just triggering quick-validate).

On failure (e.g. returning 2, `exit 2`, also tried with exit 1 - thought there may be a bug or something):
When the shell script exits with failure (e.g. echo $? = 1 or 2) - email is not sent.

Log below:
Code: [Select]
[2014-06-30 01:52:00,016] INFO : Trigger execute.user-pre-quick-validate[execute][[0 * 01 * * ?]
[Starting = null/null/null null:null:null]
[Ending = null/null/null null:null:null]] fired job user-pre-quick-validate.user-pre-quick-validate[execute] at:  01:52:00 06/30/2014
[2014-06-30 01:52:00,023] INFO : Trigger execute.user-pre-quick-validate[execute][[0 * 01 * * ?]
[Starting = null/null/null null:null:null]
[Ending = null/null/null null:null:null]] completed firing job user-pre-quick-validate.user-pre-quick-validate[execute] at  01:52:00 06/30/2014 with resulting trigger instruction code: DO NOTHING

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks :)

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