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Pub / Re: Another Raid-F or try t-Raid?
« on: March 07, 2014, 12:08:01 pm »
I honestly can't answer your question with a Yes or No, but I do have an observation:

I ran Raid-F on WHS2011 with an ~8TB Parity+Pooling drive, running Sickbeard, SABNzbd, uTorrent and CouchPotato. What I found worked for me was to have all the automatic downloads going to separate drive outside the storage pool and then move them to the pool when complete (both Sickbeard and CP can do this for you automatically). Using this method for three years I had no issues whatsoever.

I now run Server 2012 Essentials with T-Raid (~12TB Pool), SABNzbd, NZBDrone and CouchPotato, still with a dedicated downloads drive (500GB) and automatic relocation of files, and continue to have no issues transferring files.

Have you tried downloading to a location outside the pool first and then moving the files?

Because I dont have small size drive except for my ssd boot drive.

Also, just out of interest, why run all those programs on a separate linux VM when they can all run on Windows anyway?

because windows bsod all the time, linux use less resources..

actually because I know linux more than windows :P and I'm doing my work job mostly on linux environment.

Thanks KingfisherUK, but actually those guys at unraid forum already gave me straight answer think Im going unraid route, thanks anyway!

Pub / Re: Another Raid-F or try t-Raid?
« on: March 06, 2014, 09:25:49 pm »
ok after wasting my time for days and brahim refusing to answer simple question via pm,

Do I need to pay for support subscription just to know whether  "t-Raid can do pooling without doing raid like Raid-f"

I refuse to download both Flexraid version (just for checking if t-Raid indeed does have that function or not) because my internet bandwith are only 300MB per month.

I Just need a simple "Yes" or "No" answer.

if Yes, then I'll buy t-Raid,
if No, then I'll buy Raid-F.

Sorry if you guys think I'm kinda rude because I know this is public community forum and you guys dont have to reply to any posting if you dont want.. I agree, but Brahim said thats  my question is not a private matter, so he wont reply me even with simple Yes or No (even though we exchange 2-3 PM about I shouldnt ask him through pm about this).. But there's no customer support email/chat on website.

I'm not asking for technical difficulty issue or something, I just want to know if that 1 specific feature present or not in the new version of your product. I dont think you should pay for Support Subscription before buying that product, and I already asked on forum.

Wow, I never know that buying a product would be this hard.

P/S: if I were Brahim, I would just simply reply "No" without thinking just for easy money.
plus, this 4 captcha question is just stupid. How come you rather calculate captcha question while pm'ing me 2-3 times than just reply "No" to me?

Pub / Re: Another Raid-F or try t-Raid?
« on: March 05, 2014, 10:27:35 pm »
4. Or should I just create another win 7 vm just for raid-f which I already got license and save some $$$?

p/s : I really hate this tons of

Pub / Another Raid-F or try t-Raid?
« on: March 05, 2014, 09:34:06 pm »
Hi, sorry.. I dont know which section I should post.

At the moment, I'm using Raid-F combo parity+pooling for 7 drives, total of 9TB on Windows 8.1 while using Sickbeard, couchpotato, sabznbd, torrent on a ubuntu as guest in hyper-v.

Right now, there's a lot of problem with all those ubuntu downloader apps writing on those smb mapped flexraid pool. (tons of error, might be due to slow samba transfer, might be due to hyper-v) and, windows also sometimes crash/need to restart after update/etc (funny thing, the ubuntu guest inside its hyper-v didn't. So my family can still continue streaming plex until I restart my pc.

I also tried using Debian as host and windows 7 as guest in Virtualbox. (passthrough drive to Win 7). That solution also a no-go. Transferring large file will always  disconnect the samba share (and I need to restart server service in Windows 7 when that happened.)

At the end, I suspect thats something going wrong with samba driver. So, I'm thinking to transfer all my HDD to my ESXi box with Ubuntu as guest, and install flexraid in Ubuntu as I normally using Windows just for developing apps and browsing.

Due to my flexraid is licensed for Windows,  Now I need to buy a new one.

1. Should I buy another Raid-F (combo protection+spooling) or t-Raid - Unlimited (with the coupon of course) ?

The pool will be filled mostly with media files and my document+download folder (will map my user folder, dropbox to flexraid samba share)

2. I'm going to buy another 4TB hdd this month and another 4TB next month, can I configure t-Raid as drive pooling only and doing the raid part after I get another 4TB hdd for parity purpose?

3. I'm open to suggestion, just shoot me :D

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